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Welcome to the neighborhood

Not the eagle we saw, but pretty close. Photo by Ivan K. Fox on Unsplash

A week ago, I helped my youngest and her family move out of their home into a temporary place while their new home is being built this summer. It was an atypical move since they had sold or given away a lot of their furniture. But there were plenty of boxes to keep everyone busy.

About halfway through unloading the first trailer load, someone looked up and said, “Quick, everyone come out here. Look, it’s a bald eagle!” The bird was sitting atop a thirty-foot-high scrub pine tree right behind their home. We watched for a few minutes to see if a mate might be nearby, but he or she didn’t join us.

This temporary home is next to a large pond, not far from a popular nesting area in a state park. When you’re looking for them, bald eagles make themselves scarce. Even when we go to the zoo, they often hide from the crowds. I love catching a glimpse of these beautiful birds who are willing to share their home with us here in northeast Florida.

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