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From despair to hope in five minutes

Photo by Skica911 on Pixabay

I was happy to see hardly any line when I pulled into Five Minute Oil Change. Every bay was full, but there were only two other cars ahead of me waiting to pull in. Sweet. If you’ve ever been, you know it can take over forty-five minutes to get that five-minute oil change.

Suddenly, the guy who waiting to pull into the first bay ignored the “don’t get out of your car” sign and jumped out. He shouted at the crew, “Hey, I’ve been waiting longer than any of these people! Are you going to get me in or not?”

The savvy manager rearranged a few cars and had him pull into the middle bay. I don’t know how long that customer had been waiting, but from that moment they got him out in about five minutes.

As I sat there and watched, I thought, “This could easily escalate into something much worse.” News stories of road rage and mass shootings have conditioned me to imagine that most people are carrying guns. All I have to do is look cross-eyed at them and they’ll try to use it.

Reality is much different. Everyone else at Five Minute Oil Change was either patient in line or working hard under the cars. A savvy, well-trained manager knew how to deal with the situation. Unruly customers are served and directed out of the bays as quickly as possible without further incident.

My four-year-old grandson was sitting in the backseat, looking through books we had just gotten at the library. I’m sad that he has to grow up in a world like this. I’m also hopeful because he can be someone who can make it a better place.

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