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Category: Grace

Just take a walk

I don’t get to see many fall colors on trees in Florida, so this one just kind of jumped out at me when I was walking Sam. The palm trees […]

They just show up

I’ve been visiting a lot of families who have just recently begun worshiping with us. It’s one of those seasons in our community when a lot of houses are being […]

“What is grace?”

Busted. A student in my confirmation gently raised her hand and asked, “What’s grace?” I toss that word around like it were obvious to everyone. Guess what? It’s not. “Grace […]

How about some grace?

So, if I weren’t a pastor and I went to a church somewhere, what would I expect of the pastor? I think that’s a heck of a question, one worth […]

Total meltdown

“Ok, two minutes.” That’s all I said. That’s all it took. Suddenly, my grandson fell to the ground, let loose a long, agonizing wail, and would not accept the truth […]

What happened on Saturday?

Holy Saturday. For we pastors who run the entire Holy Week race, we’re coming out of the final turn on the way to Easter morning. The week has been filled […]


I never, ever get tired of reading or hearing the story of when people wanted to bring their kids to Jesus and the disciples tried to stop them (Mark 10:13-16). […]

Keep your stuff. Please.

It must have been the creaking sound that got my attention. What is that noise? It seemed to be coming from the freezer in the church kitchen. Freezers don’t usually […]


I just started reading the Old Testament book of Jeremiah, and I think I had forgotten how harsh that prophetic message is. By the end of the second chapter God […]

Thanks, angel.

I headed out the door to make a few hospital visits the other day. As I was just about to merge on the interstate to head south, I saw a […]

Life after death

Several months ago I wrote about our preschool’s last graduation as we closed the door on that part of our church’s ministry. Since then, closing that door has been followed […]

What if all you had was a bible?

Today in church I asked the question, “What would you do if you only had a bible?” We get so much spiritual input from Google, TV and radio, devotional books, […]

Look who showed up at the resource center!

When I walked into the Resource Center today I ran right into our church’s youth group. Working the intake desk were Alexandra, Abby, Grace, Nooch, McKelvey and Michael. In the […]

Be still

We really like it when our Lord stills the storm. When the hurricane’s over and your house is still standing and the skies clear and the sun comes out, we’re […]

All the signs are there

No church today. Waiting for Hurricane Irma to traverse the Florida peninsula. Plenty of time to think and pray… Of course you’re going to hear about it. You’ve thought about […]