A shrine in the woods

When words fail us, small crosses, stuffed animals, pictures, flowers and flags announce to the world, "We miss this person a lot."


I told God a long time ago I was ready to die. What's taking him so long?

More relics

A few weeks ago I wrote about the few things I still have from before I was married. Today, another older relic on my office bookshelf caught my eye: my […]

It’s time for purple

Jesus wore a purple robe just once, along with a crown of thorns, as soldiers mocked him for being a king.

Mr. Nice Guy?

When you don't get what you deserve and your sins are forgiven for the sake of Christ, you're experiencing God's kindness.

More prepositions

[My young grandchildren's] lives are best characterized by prepositions: in, out, up, down, over and under.

What makes a sermon “good?”

The moment of truth comes when somewhere in my preparation, a word, a phrase, an image or an event suddenly strikes a nerve. At that moment, I know I have something to say.