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Category: dying

Why wait?

This morning I was reading about the woman who poured out a jar of expensive nard on Jesus’ head (Mark 14:3-9). While some thought it was a waste, Jesus said […]

A beginning and an end in a moment

It was a beautiful afternoon wedding. Slightly overcast skies kept it from getting too hot as the young couple took their vows just a few steps away from a blooming […]

SunPass, Jesus and me

My gospel illustration of the day popped into my head (thank you, Holy Spirit!) during a hospital visit with a friend who was pretty scared about her discharge, prognosis, treatments […]

I unfriended twelve people today.

They were all dead. I noticed that I had almost nine hundred friends on Facebook. I know many have more than that. I also know that I don’t follow the […]

You need to hear it again.

The call came pretty late last night, about 10:45. I was driving, and felt my phone buzz in my pocked, but didn’t listen to the message until after I got […]