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Second worship service is over, it’s hot and I’m walking out to my car. When I get in, turn the key and fire up the AC, I quickly check my […]


I never, ever get tired of reading or hearing the story of when people wanted to bring their kids to Jesus and the disciples tried to stop them (Mark 10:13-16). […]

You want to pray? Pray like Jesus.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with you.” How many times have you heard those words lately? These are the words shared by many in response to the mass shooting at […]

Nativities are alive and well

As I wandered through a Ten Thousand Villages store in Harrisonburg, VA, I was struck by the number of nativities for sale, crafted by artisans from all over the world. […]

“I didn’t know that.”

At a recent regional pastor’s conference, the guest speaker, Mark Wood, made me aware of a segment of the population who identify as Christian, but know little if anything about […]

Scary stuff

A few months ago, a woman who somehow knew I was a pastor came up to me and asked if I had ever helped people who had spirits in their […]

Just trying to be nice

As I began working on this Sunday’s sermon, I thought about some of the reactions to Jesus’ ministry, especially in John 8. Jesus didn’t try to draw attention to himself. […]

Inside and out

I spent a few hours inside and outside of a hospital today. Inside I spent some time with a woman whose husband had a serious stroke and was in critical […]