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A new chapter for the men’s bible class







As soon as I arrived in Palm Coast to begin serving as pastor at Shepherd of the Coast seventeen years ago, I was informed I’d get to lead the men’s bible study that met on Thursday mornings. At the time, we met at a little diner-like place at the Flagler County airport called “Wings,” where the standard breakfast fare was a “hockey puck” (Fried egg on an English muffin with your choice of bacon or sausage patty). One bite and you know how it got it’s name. That and coffee cost you $1.99 plus tax.

After a few years, though, the restaurant closed and we moved our study up to Perkins restaurant, where we had a back room to ourselves and a larger choice of breakfast specials, including muffins and pie. I generally passed on the coffee, which I suspect was also used to clean the grill. But some of the heartier souls were able to down cup after cup. This past Sunday I heard the rumor and got the official news on Monday that Perkins had closed. Just like that. Our Waitress of many years, Jennie, left a note for me at the church. An era had ended.

But a new one begins tomorrow, at Bob Evans. I stopped by to see if they had a spot for us on Thursday mornings, and was blessed to know the manager there, the daughter of a woman I had visited many years ago in the nursing home. She hooked us up and we are ready to go.

I believe this group has been meeting for over twenty years. Numbering anywhere from twelve to twenty men, I believe we have studied nearly every book of the Bible, watched a number of Bible videos, and in animated conversation, solved most of the world’s problems. We have said farewell to a few who have gone on ahead of us to glory, but new faces have soon filled out our group.

I appreciate this faithful group of men, whose faces I see each Sunday in worship and at breakfast on Thursday mornings. If you’ve ever needed prayer, chances are we’ve prayed for you. Our list is formidable, but we’re undaunted, for we hold to the promise that the prayers of righteous men are effective.

If you are ever in Palm Coast on a Thursday morning, stop in and see us from 8-9 am, now at Bob Evans (next to Home Depot).