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Tag: pastor

Why was I so tired?

I saved the lion’s share of my visiting for Wednesday and Thursday this week. My rounds included a hospital, two nursing homes and one family’s residence. I’ve been doing this […]

How about some grace?

So, if I weren’t a pastor and I went to a church somewhere, what would I expect of the pastor? I think that’s a heck of a question, one worth […]

In your shoes

For this post I am going to try and put myself in your shoes. The shoes of someone who is a member of our church, who has come faithfully for […]

When the pastor came to visit me

In 1979, I had just moved to New Jersey into my first apartment to begin my first job out of college at Bell Labs. After a few visits, I found […]

Who did you see in church today?

A preacher (like me) has a unique perspective on Sunday morning. While you are sitting watching and listening to me, just one person, I am looking at you, a whole […]

“This is my pastor.”

I drove down to the hospital today to visit someone in the intensive care unit. I found out she was there last night just before Ash Wednesday worship. Her diagnosis […]