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No more prayer? Plenty of prayer!

I've heard invocations at a variety of university and government functions. Unfortunately, they are so watered down in order to include every belief that I don't think God Himself would even know we were talking to Him. So why even bother?

Expressing your faith

One of the places we really enjoyed visiting recently in Jerusalem was the Western wall of the temple. As i am sure it is everyday, the space in front of […]

Why was I so surprised?

Why are we so surprised when God answers our prayer in just the way we wanted? OK, why am I so surprised? It wasn’t a complicated request. It wasn’t even […]

I’m listening

Lately my prayers have been more listening than speaking. Does that sentence surprise you? It surprises me. Most of the time I’ve spent learning about prayer and teaching about prayer […]

Prayers for life

This morning (January 22) I attended a prayer breakfast hosted by Alpha Women’s Center, a ministry the congregation and I have supported for over seventeen years in Flagler County, FL. […]

Go to your room!

One of the last minute additions to my Ash Wednesday sermon on Matthew 6:1,5-6 was Jesus’ admonition, “Go to your room!” when you are praying. (When’s the last time someone […]

“You had me at ‘Father.'”

As I was reading from the book of Daniel this morning, these words really caught my attention: “The moment you began praying, the command was given” (Daniel 9:23 NLT). Prior […]

“After prayerful consideration…”

It’s certainly not a new way to begin a thought or statement, but lately I’ve been reflecting on the phrase, “After prayerful consideration…” I’ve heard it a lot of times […]

You want to pray? Pray like Jesus.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with you.” How many times have you heard those words lately? These are the words shared by many in response to the mass shooting at […]

And one.

If I can, I try to meet members of the congregation when they check in at the hospital for surgery. Just to pray and be with them as they wait […]

30 seconds

Up at 4:45 am, I showered, dressed, ate and was out the door by 5:20. A fine mist in the dark morning air necessitated a swipe of the wiper blades […]

You better wash your feet!

Tonight is our church’s preschool graduation. Thirty-one four and five year olds will don royal blue caps and gowns and walk to “Pomp and Circumstance” as they receive their diplomas […]

Thanks, God

I just listened to a message on my answering machine from someone we’ve been praying for who needed some tests done. Pretty serious stuff and a little bit of anxiety. […]