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Tag: preaching

What makes a sermon “good?”

The moment of truth comes when somewhere in my preparation, a word, a phrase, an image or an event suddenly strikes a nerve. At that moment, I know I have something to say.

I’ll do better next time.

Last Monday morning, as I was reading the bible and journaling, I jotted down a few reflections about Sunday morning. I preach twice each Sunday morning and one sermon always […]


Second worship service is over, it’s hot and I’m walking out to my car. When I get in, turn the key and fire up the AC, I quickly check my […]

I didn’t feel like preaching today

You read that title right. I really didn’t feel like preaching today. For some reason, I just got up and felt like a blend of Jonah and Jeremiah. My sermon […]

Yes, I write my own sermons

I stumbled across this blog post the other day: “So, do you write your own sermons?” I felt compelled to mention here that yes, for better or worse, I write […]

They thought I was kidding

As I began preaching yesterday, I mentioned that there are some in the congregation who believe I should more confrontational, more aggressive, more direct in my preaching, along the lines […]

Day and night, night and day

It was as different as night and day. I preached to the big Christmas Eve crowd last night and to a much smaller gathering this morning, Christmas Day. I grew […]

My favorite thing about Christmas

What do I like the most about Christmas? Preaching. The chance to get up in front of a congregation and preach the word. Tell the story, explain the implications of […]

Just be there.

It’s early. Really early. It’s dark. Really dark. It’s quiet. Really quiet. It’s about 6:20 am on a Sunday morning as I pull into the church parking lot to open […]

Practice. Practice. Practice.

I’m often asked, “How do you preach without using a manuscript?” The answer is the same you’d give to the question, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?” “Practice. Practice. […]

Just a sticky note

“How do you do that?” A first-time worshiper guest threw that question at me on their way out the door last Sunday. No, I didn’t know what they were talking […]

Better than OK

I wasn’t all that thrilled with last Sunday’s sermon. It was OK, but I wasn’t sure I really connected with the congregation. Then I began to get some unusual feedback. […]

My son’s first sermon

This past Sunday my son Adam preached his first sermon at our church. He just finished his first year of classes at the seminary, so he’s getting some experience in […]


At Adam’s first homiletics (preaching) class this semester, the professor, ┬áDr. Dale Meyer, said, “Just because you said it doesn’t mean they heard it.” That’s a good thing to keep […]

Looking for my voice

Looking for my voice. Today I barely croaked out the second sermon as the laryngitis I knew was coming mercilessly set in. As early as Friday I knew it would […]