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Going to church in an age of mass shootings

It has happened in schools and movie theaters, on military bases and college campuses, in nightclubs and churches. Someone walks in and opens fire, killing and wounding innocent people. Yes, […]

Just one

Today we did something a little different for Reformation worship. Rather than two services with different styles, we had one service utilizing the musical talents from both at our usual […]

Ten for ten

For the first time this year, I had all ten of my confirmation class students together. Trust me, in a world where there is so much going on in the […]

Who did you see in church today?

A preacher (like me) has a unique perspective on Sunday morning. While you are sitting watching and listening to me, just one person, I am looking at you, a whole […]

How to survive a lousy Sunday

By a lousy Sunday, I mean a dramatic drop in attendance. This year we’ve been averaging about 275 in worship each Sunday, but this past week, only counted 175 in […]

The holy week experience

When I was growing up, attending church for all the services of holy week was a given. On Thursday we remembered the institution of the Lord’s Supper. On Friday, we […]

The fifth one is on us

A few weeks ago, I met someone who didn’t attend church much, but came to worship with us one Sunday. I’m not sure how, but we got talking about the […]

Why aren’t you going to church?

From time to time, I call people who are members of our church who do not attend worship at our church. I guess I should say they rarely attend worship. […]

Advent midweek worship

Tomorrow is the first of our midweek Advent worship services. They are part of our worship tradition in my denomination (Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod) and my congregation (Shepherd of […]