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Not the Miami football team.  The full time residents of Marineland.  I did a wedding there this past Saturday.  WIth a stunning view of 5-6 foot waves in the background, I stood at the edge of the main dophin tank as Jake and Kali took their vows with about 60 people and 14 dolphins as witnesses.  After the service, trainers were on hand to have pairs of dolphins leap out of the water as a backdrop for pictures of the newly married couple.  Impressive.

I’m glad it had rained the night before.  With the Washington Oaks rose garden too soggy for the wedding, they moved it to Marineland.  Excellent call.

Before the ceremony began, I got to talk with some of the trainers there.  Most had worked there two years or less, but loved the job and living in Florida.  Long hours though:  6 am to 8 pm.  After only a few months, they knew all the dophins by name.  The staff was just as good with me and the other people gathered there as they were with the dolphins.

The bride and her bridesmaids were all varsity volleyball players from Coastal Carolina University.  Yes, they were tall, at least taller than all the groomsmen.  (But not taller than the groom.)

I rate this wedding very close to the Bahamas experience three years ago.

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