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Legrand Malany

Legrand Malany died last Friday, and I did his memorial service today for a packed house at Lohman Palm Coast Funeral Home (read 70+ people).  Quite a tribute to the man.  I had only met him a few times, but knew his wife of 70 years, Marian, very well.  What a privilege to meet his four children, along with lots of other relatives and friends.  The best part is just knowing someone named Legrand.  Awesome name.

I’ve noticed that writing funeral messages comes easier than I remember in the past.  With some biographical information and scripture, they just flow.  Practice and experience help, of course.  Most important:  keep it simple.

All of Legrand’s children spoke.  A tough assignment, but they did a great job.  Just enough to share their hearts and lift our spirits.

I haven’t minded doing funerals and memorials lately.  I like to be the one who mentions Jesus.

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