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Boring.  That’s all I have to say.  No one has come to our door, and it’s 7:15.  We might get a few, but I think the Trunk or Treats around town now rule the day.  The picture is the pumpkin I carved for our front porch this year.  You must pay for the best pumpkin patterns online, so this is an example of what you can get for free.  The really good pumpkin carving patterns — presidential candidates or movie stars — take several days to finish.  Maybe next year.

Just had three trick or treaters.  A witch, some kind of ghoul, and a tiny batman.  If I remember correctly, batman was popular when I was a kid, too.  The classics never go out of style.  The one thing we had going for us:  big candy bars.  Sizes you can’t hardly get now.  Real candy bars, not the mini version.  Yes, we knew how to do halloween.

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