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Undecorating Day

Kate and our tree
Kate and our tree

Liv and I undecorated the tree and put all the ornaments and Christmas knick-knacks away this morning.  Since the three kids decorated the tree this year, I actually enjoyed the undecorating process, getting to see our diverse collection of ornaments.  I remember exactly who gave us some, while others, I have no idea where we got them.  We have purchased very few, if any, so they are virtually all gifts.

The tree had to go up into the attic in pieces.  I have a new zipper bag to store it in.  Last year I learned the hard way that if you put the tree in the box or bag first, you cannot get it up into the attic.  No, not even with my amazing strength.

As I climbed down from the attic and raised the ladder and door, I knew that the memories would be there for me again next year.  Memories of Christmases of my childhood, when our children were younger, and this year.  That’s one of the cool things about Christmas decorations.  They help to preserve marvelous memories of the places we’ve  been and the people we love.

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