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Interesting phone message

I heard this staccato phone message at my office, just before I headed home after services on Sunday:

“Name:  Rick.  Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx.  Terminal cancer.  Missouri Synod Lutheran.  Call me.”

The message was left at about 9:20 on that Sunday morning.  Guess he didn’t think I’d be busy at that time.

Yes, I called him today.   I called out of duty rather than compassion.  I’ve gotten calls like this before.  The conversations usually head in the direction of needing some financial help.

I caught him at work, roofing a house.  While his condition was terminal, he was making a go of it and actually doing a little better.  He’d soon be moving to Palm Coast, would be heading back to church, and could I meet him to talk.  I didn’t realize he was a few towns away, so it would have to be tomorrow.

I’ll probably spend most of my time with him listening to his story.  And I may give him a little money.  I am pretty sure I won’t ever see him at church.  This will be one off those ministry moments that will bring me in touch with someone I won’t see at church, but need to know about.  The world is filled with people in that situation, most of whom I will never get to know.  So here is my chance to learn a little about life from another point of view.

I’ll let you know what happens.

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