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Mathew 1:6-11 Royalty

As Matthew traces Jesus’ lineage through the kings following David and Solomon, he includes some good ones, like Uzziah, Jotham and Hezekiah. He also includes some who weren’t good, like […]

Kenya (travel day…days)

After lots of preparation and packing we took off on the first leg of our trip to Kenya on Thursday afternoon (July 11). An easy leg, just a hop up […]

Logs and specks

  One Bible verse that a lot of people seem to know and like to quote is, “Do not judge others, and you will not be judged” (Matthew 7:1 NLT). […]

No surprises

I met the gentleman I mentioned yesterday at the Volusia County Library Center, where I have never been before.  Actually, a very nice place off of Beach Street near the […]

Interesting phone message

I heard this staccato phone message at my office, just before I headed home after services on Sunday: “Name:  Rick.  Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx.  Terminal cancer.  Missouri Synod Lutheran.  Call me.” The […]

Wise Men

This is the tie I wore today.  I only get to wear it once, maybe twice a year, like today, as we celebrated Epiphany.  Were there three of them?  Did […]