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Florida State University Graduation

Our family traveled to Tallahassee yesterday for FSU’s commencement this morning.  My son, Adam, received his bachelor’s of science degree in Sociology with a religion minor.  There were just under 1000 receiving degrees today (at the 9:00 am ceremony), with some master’s and doctorate’s mixed in, too.

For an occasion of that size, things were well-orchestrated.  Done in two hours.  A quick speech by an alumni, Gen. Jay Warner (ret.) got a nice round of applause.  Everything was done in a dignified and respectful manner, suitable for those who had worked so hard over the last four or more years.

I tried to remember my own college graduation 30 years ago from Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, PA.  Tough to do.  I remember that our speaker was science fiction author Isaac Asimov.  That’s about all I remember.  I am sure my parents have some pictures somewhere.  I should try and track them down.  My diploma, all in Latin, is in a folder on a shelf in my office at church.  Maybe it’s time to frame some of those documents.

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