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Baby Riley

We just got back from the hospital in St. Augustine, visiting Jessica and her new baby daughter, Riley.  Mark, the dad, was out to dinner with his family, so we didn’t get to see them.  But we did see Riley, and she is pretty cute for all of two days old.

Newborns bring back memories of watching my own children being born.  I clearly remember two of the doctors saying, “If you’ve got a camera, it’s time to start taking pictures!”  And I did.  The old fashioned way, with film.  Got them developed and took them to church with me to show everyone.  Found out not everyone wants to see all the gory details.

Mark and Jess are young.  At least they seem very young.  23 and 21.  Let’s see, I was 28 when my first, Adam was born.  Lisa was 24.  We weren’t so old, either.  Somehow we figured out what to do.  I guess all parents do.

Babies are cool.  There’s no two ways about it.  You just have to like the little ones.  I’m looking forward to a baptism in the near future!

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