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Nobody called

I’ve made a lot of visits with families who have visited and are interested in our congregation in the past few weeks.  One comment that’s stuck in my mind is, “No one called.”  No one called when they stopped attending our previous church.  No one called when they said they might need to check out some other churches.

Immediately I was convicted because there are a number of people I haven’t called lately.  How many of them may be saying the same thing somewhere else?  I don’t always do it intentionally.  There are some I didn’t realize I haven’t seen for a while.  Having said that, maybe I avoid some calls, either because it never seemed to make a difference in the past, or I just didn’t want to address whatever issue might come up.

Do some people have a need to be missed?  Or do they just use that to justify their next step?  When some connect with a church, do they bring the expectation that there will be ongoing contact?  Or does that expectation develop later on?

Over the years, I’ve learned that people will come and people will go.  People will join, and people will go elsewhere.  And much of the time, you can’t blame yourself or take credit for what happens.  It just happens.  So you can’t beat yourself up too much.

But I guess I could call.

One thought on “Nobody called

  1. Hah…yep. I started a “call anybody that misses 3 times” policy here at University Lutheran. The problem with the call is that it is an awkward one.

    “So…uhhh…haven’t seen you at church for about 3 weeks…”
    “Oh I guess not…”
    “So yeah, the elders and I were wondering if you had died. Oh…you haven’t? Oh….”

    But yeah, calling is necessary. If for no other reason, it may be the thing that makes them realize that Jesus cares.

    (I also send out periodic “thanks for your faithfulness” emails and calls to people who attend a bunch of services in a row – I figure if I’m going to do negative reinforcement I should do some positive as well.)

    in Christ,

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