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After years of borrowing my neighbor’s power washer, I finally got one of my own.  I had to.  His hasn’t been working and my driveway was getting mildew-y.

I got a medium-duty model at Home Depot, got it together and running without any problem, and a few hours and a bottle of bleach later, my driveway and front sidewalk are looking pretty nice.  Next time I have a half-day free, I need to tackle the soffits around the house.  They’ve been dirty for a while, too.

My wife called it my new toy.  I don’t consider it a toy, since I have to use it for work, but I do get a certain pleasure out of cranking up a small engine and powering stubborn dirt into oblivion.  Growing up, we never powerwashed anything.  Now you powerwash everything.  I don’t even know if they had powerwashers back then.  The oil stain under dad’s car was a permanent part of the driveway.  Everyone had one.  I guess everyone leaked some oil back then.  It was no big deal.

The biggest surprise was when I turned it off and the engine backfired a few times.  It made the dogs across the street start barking.  It ran OK other than that, so I’m not sure what’s wrong.  Faulty spark plug?  Maybe.  Anyway, it looks good sitting in the garage.

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