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LCEF conference (part 1)

Tonight was the opening banquet/session of the LCEF (Lutheran Church Extension Fund) leadership conference at the Marriot Waterside in Tampa, FL. I initially wasn’t too excited about coming, but decided to be positive and learn something.

I’ve already talked with some people I knew in New England. It’s also very good to connect with the national church, reminding me I’m not alone in this ministry. It’s so easy to get isolated in FL. Not good. It helps to get out a little.

So far, the LCEF knows how to put on a good conference, from the devotions to the food to the technology, they’ve got skills. It turns out I didn’t have to come, because our district actually brought more voting members than they needed. But I think I will benefit from the trip, and may be able to make some new friends.

I also discovered that I know the LCEF president-elect. He and his family vacation in Palm Coast and have worshipped with us several times.

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