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LCEF conference (part deux)

Today the reigning Miss America, Katie Stamm, spoke at the president’s prayer breakfast at the LCEF leadership conference in Tampa. She is a Missouri Synod Lutheran and spoke very movingly about her faith and her duties as Miss America. She has flown over 200,000 miles this yearThat’s a tough schedule. About 300 hundred people lined up for autographs, so I passed on this opportunity.

Later in the morning, the keynote speaker was Rev. Bob Roberts from NorthWood church in Keller, TX. He’s a Baptist pastor and had some very interesting thoughts and experience on mission, church planting and the globalization of the church. He noted that though there are more mega-churches in this country, there are actually fewer people attending. Christianity is exploding, just not in this country. I need to read some of his books.

At lunch with some folks from New England, and North Dakota, I was reminded that not everyone is used to sitting outside the weekend before Thanksgiving.  The weather I take for granted was beautiful and a real treat for all who attended.

As usually happens with me, an event I’m not looking forward to turns out to be a great experience.  Perhaps I’ll get to go next year in Nashville.

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