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I’ve recently discovered that a change in venue is a great way to stimulate creativity. When I’ve gotten myself out of the office and just sat around at Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts, I’m able to come up with vision, ideas, and stories that I never could just sitting at my desk. Why is that?

There are plenty of distractions at the office, for sure. Like phone calls, computer, and people stopping by. There are plenty of distractions out in the community, too. But they’re different. In a way, rather than distracting, they open up my mind. People who walk in, music playing, overheard conversations. I think it’s because I don’t know most of the people. The music is different than what I usually listen to. The conversations are not intended for me to hear. Together these things stimulate my imagination. Suggest things to write about, learn about, ask about. Give me a different view of the world.

It gives me a different view of the church. The church looks a lot different out in the community than it looks in the parking lot, the sanctuary, or my office. It’s people I don’t know, who don’t know me. People I will most likely never see in the usual church places. Yet people for whom the kingdom of God has come near. They are in the world that Jesus was born into. They are around people like me, who carry grace around with us.

Whenever my creativity sputters, I need to remember this simple jump start strategy.

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