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Bake sale?

A week ago, our church’s youth group had a bake sale to help fund next summer’s mission and youth gathering trip. At least that’s what was advertised. When I walked by, though, I noticed it was nothing but some store-bought donuts and muffins on a plate, with a donation basket nearby. The youth in charge that Sunday had forgotten and their mom went out and grabbed whatever at the convenience store.

Now I don’t want to be inflexible about bake sales. The goods were indeed baked at some point in their lifetime. However, I’ll bet more was spent than was donated that day.

Who came up with the idea of a “bake sale,” anyway? Who can lay claim to having the first bake sale in history? Wikipedia had no information, but did note, “A major selling point of bake sales is the supposed and often advertised homemade nature of the goods being offered, but with the proliferation of prepared cookie dough and boxed muffins and cupcakes, this claim has become increasingly dubious.” So I’ve learned.

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