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Category: Rant

A busy Sunday morning

I may only work one day a week, but that day is a lot busier than most people realize. Here’s what I mean: About ten minutes before worship begins, I […]

“After prayerful consideration…”

It’s certainly not a new way to begin a thought or statement, but lately I’ve been reflecting on the phrase, “After prayerful consideration…” I’ve heard it a lot of times […]

Gone. Just gone.

Jesus tells the story of a shepherd that leaves a flock of 99 to go in search of one sheep who wandered, who went missing, who didn’t show up for […]

Keep your stuff. Please.

It must have been the creaking sound that got my attention. What is that noise? It seemed to be coming from the freezer in the church kitchen. Freezers don’t usually […]

Eight ways to get me to unfollow you.

Post something from a website with an expletive that shows up on my feed, including “wtf”. <Unfollow> Use an expletive in a comment that shows up on my feed, even […]

The red sofa

OK, it’s really a love seat. But it is really red. And I see it every time I leave my house or come back home. Because it sits, faithfully, on […]

The end is near!

The other night I sat with two year old grandson Elijah and watched the movie Trolls for the who-knows-how-many-th time. And we heard Branch warn everyone, “The Bergens are coming!” […]

It’s time for confirmation classes!

It’s that time of year again. There must be some sort of internal alarm that goes off in the minds of parents who have children entering 7th grade. It’s not […]

“We don’t have any shakes.”

A few weeks ago I went to visit one of our members (and my friend) David, who has been homebound for a while dealing with aches and pains and cancer […]

Call me, maybe…

Yesterday, as many pastors do, I was out visiting people who were in the hospital. It was a busier afternoon than usual, as I had five people to visit in […]

Don’t do anything!

A few weeks ago when I too a walk through the Indian Trails Sports Complex with my dog, Samson, I couldn’t help but notice how negative all the signage is. […]


  It's that time of year again. pastor appreciation month. In a little over a week, it will be pastor appreciation day, October 13. I am not sure who started […]

“Why I quit my church.”

That’s the title of a book, article, blog post or email you will rarely if ever read. And that’s just a reality pill I sometimes have to swallow. I began […]