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The future of the church

The future of the church will always be the gathering of people who need to hear the gospel, receive God's forgiveness and be equipped to take that blessing back to their world. There are no age, height, income or experience restrictions on that experience.

Blood on the keyboard

She suddenly recoiled and let loose a glass-shattering, ear-piercing shriek, banshee-esque, “There’s blood on the keyboard!”

They just show up

I’ve been visiting a lot of families who have just recently begun worshiping with us. It’s one of those seasons in our community when a lot of houses are being […]

There’s no coffee.

As I finished up the first worship service last Sunday and walked out the front door, I was greeted by a great friend of mine who said in a subdued […]


My son turns thirty-three next week. What do I remember about being thirty-three? Wow, it’s a stretch. That was 1990. We were living in Connecticut, where I had received my […]

Are you willing to disagree?

A few days ago, I wrote about a prayer breakfast I attended to support our local pregnancy center. At that breakfast, a man representing a local church had a moment […]

Sorry, we’re closed.

A local fitness center closed its doors last week without any advance warning to employees or clients. Just a note on the door saying informing all they were out of […]

The best candlelight moment ever?

This past Christmas Eve candlelight moment felt like the best one ever. I’ve been doing Christmas Eve for a pretty long time. As in many churches, our evening worship concludes […]

The renewal of my mind

“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind” (Romans 12:2). This morning was a little different for me. Rather than two morning worship services, […]

Going to church in an age of mass shootings

It has happened in schools and movie theaters, on military bases and college campuses, in nightclubs and churches. Someone walks in and opens fire, killing and wounding innocent people. Yes, […]

A busy Sunday morning

I may only work one day a week, but that day is a lot busier than most people realize. Here’s what I mean: About ten minutes before worship begins, I […]

How about a few new prayers?

Every week, the prayer of the church includes petitions based on the readings for the day, for pastors and missionaries, for our nation and leaders, for the sick and sorrowing, […]

Feliz anniversario Vida de Fe

Tonight, I had the privilege of going to a fifth anniversary worship service of Vida de Fe, the Hispanic congregation that has used our chapel on Sunday afternoons for the […]

Celebrating Epiphany

What is it about Epiphany that makes it so appealing? Is it because it’s usually the first Sunday of a new year? Is there something about the wise men that […]

In your shoes

For this post I am going to try and put myself in your shoes. The shoes of someone who is a member of our church, who has come faithfully for […]