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Christmas letters

I just got done writing my Christmas letter to send out with some of our cards. I’ve been receiving some, too. Here’s what I think makes a good Christmas letter:

  • Share the good stuff. It’s OK to mention a problem or struggle here and there, but mostly report on how you’ve been blessed. Hit the highlights of your year, including accomplishments, trips, joys and milestones.
  • Give me just enough information. I don’t need to know about every yucky illnesses you’ve had this year. At least not in a letter like this.
  • Get to the point. More than one page and I probably won’t read the whole thing.
  • Use a normal font. I probably won’t try to read that decorative font or that 6 point font you used to fit it all on one page.
  • Use prose. A poem is nice and I appreciate the effort, but it’s hard to get the news that way. Include a poem, but mostly use prose.

As I was writing the letter this year, my wife asked if it was really necessary. After all, just about everyone we send it to is in one of our social networks (like Facebook). They know what we did last year. And they’ve seen lots of pictures. Good point. Are the days numbered for Christmas letters?

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