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On the road again

I tried running again today. I had taken a month off since my heel started feeling like it was bruised. I did a lot of bike riding instead. Finally, today, I thought it was better enough for a gentle three-miler. I took some ibuprofin and iced it just in case, and it felt pretty good. In fact, it felt better throughout the day than it has for a long time.

Four weeks is probably the longest I’ve gone without running in the past 30 years. I try to go out 3 times a week now. I need a day of recovery in between workouts. I just run better that way. When I was younger, I could run seven days a week. In fact, when I go back and look at some old running logs, I am shocked to see that I ran 70-100 miles a week sometimes. I would run twice a day several days a week. An easy run was 5 miles. I guess you just can’t do that forever. I enjoy it just as much even though it’s just 3 days and 9-15 miles a week.

As I’ve mentioned before, I am my most creative when I run, and I pray my best when I’m walking. I’m not sure why, but it works.

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