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SOTC draft

Today I divided up the congregation into family groups for our elders. But I didn’t it differently than I’ve ever done it before. In the past, each elder got a part of the alphabet. This time, I gave each elder people they knew, either through worship, activities, or small groups.

How did I do this?  I printed out a list of our families on card stock and cut them up. Then I took a piece of paper for each elder and wrote their name on it. Next, I went through each name and gave it to an appropriate elder.

Afterwards, I realized we could have done it like a draft. Each elder takes a turn and takes a name, based on who they know. Probably would have been a lot more fun.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see how this works. Instead of contacting people they don’t know and never see, the elders will see most of their family group frequently. It’s not perfect. There will always be a few they will have to get to know. But I think it will work to our advantage.

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