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Today we went to Blue Springs State Park in Orange City, FL to see the manatees. As we pulled in, the ranger station announced that 299 manatees were in the springs!

Manatees usually live in the St. John’s river, but when the water temperatures dip below 68, they head in towards the springs that feed the river, which are a comfortable (for a manatee) 72 degrees year round. I think we only got to see a hundred or so of these docile mammals, who were content to just float around, hoping to find some roots or something to eat. While they were comfortable, we were freezing. The air temperature was around 38 degrees, tough for those of us who have adapted well to Florida temperatures. But those are the perfect conditions to view the manatees in their natural habitat.

Blue Springs is both an historic site and a beautiful part of old Florida, filled with Spanish moss covered live oaks. Before the railroads were built, it was an important riverboat stop on the St. Johns. Now, over 15 endangered species make their home near the springs.

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