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I didn’t get much response to my sermon today. We observed Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, and I think I got one comment after church and one emailed comment in the afternoon. Period. Why so little reaction? Could it be that I played it too safe? That I really didn’t say anything that warrants a response? It’s possible. Or could it be that the word need to incubate for a while before a response? That’s possible, too. But like most people who want instant results, I want an instant response. But the response may not come today. Or tomorrow. It may come sometime in the future. I may never see it or hear about it. This is where faith comes in. God says his word never comes back void but always accomplishes what he wants. I can only trust that God is right, that the word wasn’t preached in vain, and that somewhere, in some heart, something is happening. I should know better by now to not expect any useful response. But a part of me still hungers for that.

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