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My younger daughter is playing high school lacrosse this year, her freshman year, just like her older sister did a few years ago. Women’s lacrosse is quite a bit different from the male version. While guys wear protective gear and go at it with sticks, women’s lacrosse is, in theory, a non-contact sport. It’s all about speed, finesse, and ball-handling skills. Once in a while there are some scuffles, but most refs keep that under control.

The season gets started in just a few weeks, so I’m gearing up to go to lots of games. I think it took me a full year to understand the game from the stands. The constant sound of whistles, the change of possession, and positioning players on the field left most of us parent spectators bewildered. Then, gradually, I not only began to get it, but I could even explain some of it to others.

We who frequent the games are a committed bunch. There are no big crowds like there are for football. Just a few families huddled in the stands since it can be a little chilly on those February nights at the beginning of the season.

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