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Making some noise

Yesterday in church, during the sermon, I challenged the congregation to make some noise. The lead is was that the praises of Revelation 4 and 5 aren’t polite golf claps, but deafening praise for our Creator and Savior. I had sent out an email on Saturday, telling them to be ready to make some noise and to even bring noise makers with them on Sunday. Since we are usually pretty reserved on Sunday mornings, I didn’t expect much. Boy was I wrong. They were primed and ready and just waiting for the command. They brought whistles, drums, and some healthy lungs with them. And when I called for some noise, they let loose, much more than I had anticipated. Our early service did well. Our second service is a little more traditional, but those folks did even better. You can hear it at at the very end of yesterday’s sermon. I wonder why we sometimes hold back our praise, as well as some of our other emotions. Why pretend we’re not sad, happy, or angry? I’m pretty proud of the way everyone responded yesterday. Nice job, folks!

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