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My wife is going to Haiti (part 2)

Actually she’s there. Rev. Glenn Merritt, who heads disaster response for LCMS World Relief, said in a recent Lutheran Witness article that it is too unstable and dangerous for any volunteers apart from medical teams. That is the situation my wife has stepped into with great excitement and a little fear (mostly from reports about tarantula spiders she may see there). Lisa landed there a few hours ago (as I wrote this), and as I think about her next 9 days there, I realize God’s been preparing her for this her whole life. Just consider her experience: a vicarage in inner city Baltimore, a social worker job there, labor and delivery experience, working for an urgent care provider in Daytona Beach. Eventually she’d end up somewhere like this “for just a time as this.” You can read some about it here. The amazing thing is, who would have ever seen this coming? When Lisa was going to nursing school in Ft. Wayne, the University of Connecticut, Grandview College in Des Moines, Iowa, and Graceland University headquartered in Lamoni, Iowa, who would have imagined God was preparing her for an assignment in Haiti? Not me. We didn’t even hardly know where Haiti was until today. But I’m sure we’ll never forget.

I talked with Lisa some this afternoon. It is hot there, in the 90’s. They saw about 100 patients today. In the midst of all this they are trying to get the pharmacy organized. After only drinking some lukewarm water, she said a cold Coke was probably the best she’s ever tasted. And she’s glad she went with Lutherans. The leaders went out to get some beer and wine for tonight. Tomorrow they will go to church. I’m not sure if the clinic is open tomorrow.

On a sad note, the men who founded the Lutheran church in Haiti, Pastor Doris Jean Louis was killed last night. He was accosted outside of his home and beaten. He studied at the sem in Ft. Wayne in the late 70’s – early 80’s, and was a blessing to so many.

One thought on “My wife is going to Haiti (part 2)

  1. Thanks, Bill! Scary for all of us who love her to know she is in a dangerous place. As you say, though, God has prepared her for this. She was a caregiver even as a child, so we shouldn’t be surprised that she would be drawn to help wherever she thinks she’s needed.

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