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My wife is in Haiti (part 3)

My wife is in Haiti (part 3). At least once a month, someone forgets to turn off their cell phone and they get a call during a worship service. Today, it was my cell phone. Actually, I set this up ahead off time with my wife. We timed it just right so that her call came right in the middle of my sermon. You should have seen people’s faces, first, when it was my phone going off, second, when I answered it, and third, when they learned it was Lisa calling from Haiti! So many were glad to hear her voice and update on her work with the medical team in Haiti! BTW, Don’t try to call me during the sermon in the future, though. I never have my phone with me like I did today. The real work begins tomorrow. They expect to see 300 patients. Today after church some of the team went to an orphanage to do health checkups. Lots of children, some of whom lost their parents in the earthquake. The pictures she posted on Facebook were pretty moving. She really enjoyed sharing with the children some of the toys our Sunday School helped purchase from their offerings. Something as simple as a beach ball goes a long way when you have nothing else to play with.

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