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Graduation past and present

As I get ready to attend my daughter’s graduation from the University of Florida this Friday I am desperately trying to remember my own college graduation in 1979. The only thing I can actually remember is that the speaker was science fiction author Isaac Asimov. I’m sure my dad has a few pictures somewhere, but that’s about it. And to tell you the truth I can remember a single thing about my graduation from seminary. How things have changed. After this weekend we’ll have hundreds of photos from the many who attended and share them on social media sites. I have a feeling we’ll be sitting pretty far away from the action, but like everyone else, we’ll be zooming in the best we can.

One thought on “Graduation past and present

  1. What amazing observations. I have no idea who spoke at my graduation…I was just so happy to be done with school. i I went to a really liberal school and have really changed my beliefs! (Long story!)

    This is indeed a special time. I wish your family the best.
    I believe that the most we can hope and pray for is that they discover where their strengths are and go in that direction!

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