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Some questions raised by Gosnell’s trial

Even though pro-life voices claim that the murder trial of abortion clinic doctor Kermit B. Gosnell hasn’t gotten the media attention it deserves, one does not have to search far to find descriptions of the conditions, practices and deaths that occurred at the Women’s Medical Society in Philadelphia. One such report can be found here. I would have to imagine that readers on both sides of the abortion issue are horrified at the grand jury’s report.

As one who believes in the sanctity of all human life and opposes legalized abortion, the story raises other questions in my mind:

  • Why are more people not horrified at all abortions?
  • We’ve been told for years that abortion is part of health care. How many more clinics like this exist, providing neither health nor care?
  • Why are we surprised that such a place existed? When we start down a path that legalizes death, do we really expect to end up in a good place? We were told long ago that we reap what we sow

I know that not all will share my point of view and I know there is much more to the discussion than this one story. But I do hope that it will make us all think, talk and pray a little more about life issues. As one who has held many babies, including some of my own, at the baptismal font, my prayer today is once more, “Lord, have mercy.”

photo (13)
Symbol of baptism on the font
at Shepherd of the Coast Lutheran Church

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