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Earth Day










I got to be a part of the first Earth Day in 1970. (Sheesh, I’m old!) I don’t remember much about it. My best recollection is getting out of class to go and clean up the lake by our junior high school. Old tires, furniture, and junk dumped there. In 1970 we really didn’t think much about recycling, gas mileage or global warming. What a different world it was.

Now I recycle more than I throw away, I drive a hybrid car, I have higher efficiency appliances in my house and I pick up litter in my neighborhood. I am constantly aware of the environment, climate, ecosystem and conservation. It’s a part of my everyday life.

From the very beginning, God charged his creation, male and female, to consume, enjoy and also care for the creation. It’s a part of everyday life for God’s people. In other words, every day is Earth Day for Christians.

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