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Professional worker’s conference (part 1)


After an uneven travel day, the conference began at 7 with a devotion and then the first part of Dr. Jeff Gibbs' presentation (professor, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis). While his presentation was promoted as being about witnessing, he took the topic in a different direction than expected. He chose to talk about the what of our witness, not the how, specifically different ways of presenting the gospel beyond the usual “Jesus died for your sins.” The Bible is filled with images of resurrection, reconciliation, growth and unity, all of which are good gospel themes. I think ourngoal will be developing a broader vocabulary for our witness, which should be interesting.

Of course, most of my conversations with my brothers have been about Adam's call and upcoming ordination and graduation, and Olivia's high school graduation. It's cool to have lots of good family news to share.

The most exciting part of the day was hearing a woman rant and rave about her disappointing first class accommodations on the flight from Jacksonville to Charlotte. Expecting to be treated as a diva, she got nothing but disdainful looks from the other business travelers, which really set her off. She continued to yell and shout on her way to her connection, prompting one man to say, “Maybe I'll be that important someday.”


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