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Professional worker’s conference (part 2)

I came into today's conference sessions with high hopes. I was both disappointed and pleasantly surprised.

The first unexpected blessing was the coffee machine in the lounge on my floor (The sixth floor is the Club floor at this Sheraton.) At the push of a button, it ground the beans and made espresso! I could have cappuccino or a latte, too. Very nice.

Then I had a great conversation at breakfast with Jawed and Juliana Dass. They are Pakistani Christians doing mission work in Naples, FL among Muslims. Her ministry is called Sisters of Faith. She had some great stories of how God has opened doors for her witness. I'd like for her come up and speak for us sometime.

Unfortunately, The second half of Dr. Gibbs' presentation had a lot of good information, but just didn't hold my interest as well as last night.

After lunch, I went to a couple of break out sessions. The first, entitled “Pastors as Communicators,” just wasn't communicated very effectively. It as more of a rant about ill-prepared speakers. The second, a panel discussion about witnessing across cultural and generational boundaries was great, filled with personal stories of connecting with all kinds of different people in different situations. One pastor spoke about a ministry among gypsies; another helped his aging congregation connect with the community for the first time in years. And Juliana told of how she was able to relate to an atheist son of a Muslim family.

In the evening drove over to the campus of Concordia University at Ann Arbor for supper and worship. They have a beautiful chapel there and a fantastic organist accompanied the service.

Heading home tomorrow morning — after some espresso.


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