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Break an arm!

broken arm

“Break the arms of those who are wicked and evil!” (Psalm 10:15).

Do your prayers sound like that? I’m guessing not. Mine don’t. I rarely pray for bad things to happen to bad people. If I didn’t know better, I would attribute these words to someone in organized crime rather than one of God’s faithful. Although, I guess we’d be talking about kneecaps, not arms, right?)

That’s not very loving, is it? Not at all compassionate. Hardly merciful. Yet, it’s the prayer of the faithful, the inspired word of God and honestly, the sentiment of many of us. Wouldn’t you like God to give people like Dr. Kermit Gosnell what they deserve for killing those newborns? Wouldn’t you like to see some members of our government with an arm in a sling after God had a little talk with them? Isn’t there at least one bully you’d like to have an appointment with the Almighty?

Maybe that’s why Jesus is controversial. He doesn’t teach our enemies a lesson. Instead, He talks with them and is comfortable spending time with them. That’s just not right! And then His body is broken for us (and His blood poured out), for the forgiveness of (my) sins.

That’s life changing. He was broken for me. Any prayer that reminds me of that is a good one.l

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