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Over the next three weeks I will attend three graduations.

The first will be my son Adam’s and his wife Sarah’s graduation from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis on May 17. He’ll receive his Master of Divinity, ready for the pastoral ministry and she’ll receive her Master of Arts in Religion for work as a deaconess. Though not quite as exciting as the call service, they both worked very hard to achieve this honor, and I am very proud of them.

A week later, it’s time for preschool graduation at our church. This annual spring event showcases songs they’ve learned over the year, includes much pomp and circumstance and each shares what they want to do when they grow up. Along with the usual assortment of doctors and firefighters will be a few aspiring princesses and superheroes! I wouldn’t miss this for the world,

And then, a week after that, it’s my youngest daughter Olivia’s graduation from high school. Our last high school graduation until the grandkids come along. As senior class president, she’ll get to give a welcome speech, and is receiving her diploma with Cum Laude honors. I’m very proud of her, too!

Of course, each ceremony will be followed by festivities. What a month of May! (Watch this space for my response to each occasion.)

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