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Youth Gathering (day 1)


The drive from Mobile to San Antonio is very, very long. We left a little later than we wanted to, but made it with no problems other than a little group motion sickness. As soon as you hit the TX line, speed limit goes up to 75 and it is off to the races. A Corvette passed me doing at least 100.

In his quest for the world's best hamburger, Josh was not impressed by Whattaburger. His research continues.

Our hotel (LaQuinta) is pretty nice and I slept much better on a bed last night. I'm rooming with the Ore twins. No major bruhahas. Yet. Refreshing glimpses of maturity.

Best sighting of the day: a terrified Hispanic man driving a very small car 45 mph merging onto I-10 just outside of San Antonio.

We ate supper around midnight at a 24-hour Mexican restaurant, which was excellent and even had some Mariachi singers.


One thought on “Youth Gathering (day 1)

  1. World’s best hamburger? Try a double-double at In ‘N Out! Look for scripture verses on the paper products.

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