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Youth Gathering (Day 2)


Day two began with bible study after breakfast, followed by the successful quest to get our shuttle wristbands which hadn't been included in our registration packet. Mission accomplished.

The first interest center we attended was called, “Questions you can't ask your Mama.” The audience tweeted their questions, and the speaker deftly handled discussions mostly about sexuality. We heard him speak at the last gathering in New Orleans. He was humorous and very good, coming from the perspective that your current behavior has consequences, and God has something a lot better for you.

The second interest center was “321 Improv,” three guys doing a variety of improv comedy. They were excellent, and did tack on a short testimony at the end of their time, but I'm not really sure howmtheynfit into the whole gathering.

The sessions we attended were packed (meaning several thousand people.) We learned to leave a lot more time to do just about anything.

Mark and I then left the group with Rosemary to return his rental car.

When we returned, Olivia and I went and heard a few missionaries who had been in South Africa speak. Some were career, some were short term.


We headed out to a pizza place for supper, enduring an hour wait for our food. Of course around here, every restaurant is like that. On the way we ran into my brother-in-law Jeff with his group from Indiana. In the restaurant I saw Pastor Ingo Dutzman from First Lutheran Church in Boston, whom I knew from my years in New England.

We got to the dome about 8 for the evening mass event which focused on how we are so easily distracted from Jesus, which always leads to wondering if we're loved. We are always loved by him, and need that reminder often.

On the way to our shuttle, a voice cries out, Are you Adam's dad?” I have no idea who she was, but she said we had met before. Our youth are amazed when I run into folks know, but that's one of the blessings of being in the church for a while.



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