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Youth Gathering (Day 3)

Our first activity for the day was an excursion to the Alamo. Just a short walk from the convention center, crowds were small in the morning for this famous Texas shrine. I hadn't realized it was considered a shrine until the men were asks to remove their hats upon entering. I also hadn't remembered the historical and societal significance of the battle and loss of life there. A very simple place, it contains familiar names, preserved artifacts and draws you into a great story of courage and commitment.

From there we walked some of the Riverwalk and decided on Fuddruckers for lunch. We just beat most of the noon crowd, and then headed back to the convention center. We spent about an hour browsing the exhibits, getting some cool free stuff, and then attempts to go to an interest center. I say attempted because they all filled up long before we arrived, up to 30 minutes early. It seems like the venues aren't quite big enough to handle the crowds. Liv and I just slipped into a session called, “Is there Jesus after high school?” It was well done, but I don't think most of the youth there really grasped how much life changes after you graduate.

Afterwards, Josh and Hayden bought some masks that wrestlers would wear, giving our group a distinctive look for the rest of the day.


Determined to get to the Alamodome a little earlier, we then bought some Subway to take with us, and then walked down to eat our supper there. We got to the dome about 6:00 pm, and found that thousands of people had a


Ready camped out at the doors which didn't open until 7:30. I gave the youth a couple of photo scavenger hunts to work on, and we just relaxed a little.

The evening event included some dramatizations of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. President Matt Harrison played a little banjo, and Evan's pic of his head stuck in a cannon made the big screen.

We stayed after the big event to hear the Skit Guys, which is always enjoyable, and the headed back to the hotel.


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