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Youth Gathering (Days 4 and 5)


Day four (Thursday) began with a worship service for everyone in the Alamodome. Worshiping with 25,000, hearing a great message from President Harrison, and a blend of music led by a talented choir, orchestra and band make it one of my favorite parts of the week.

Afterwards, we decided we had better eat early in the day, since the Riverwalk and dome areas were going to be very crowded later. We went to Dick's Last Resort on the Riverwalk, where the waiters are rude and the food is very good.

We didn't get back to the convention center in time for an interest center, so we revisited the exhibition hall and did a few craft things (headband and a backpack buddy.

We headed over to the dome early and listened to a Christian Mariachi band playing outside. Inside, the evening mass event included the amazing story of a young lady who was heard after spending six years in the hospital with a neuro disease contracted from a mosquito bite. Our guys in masks got on the big screen again, mugging a Community Life Builder.

After the evening event, we watched some fantastic fireworks outside the dome. We didn't get home til 11 pm, but everyone was hungry. Pizza? Sure, why not? Well, the delivery wait time was 2 hours, so I went to pick it up. Got done eating and asleep by 1:30.

Friday morning was pack, a final mass event, and head out for home. Liv and I were dropped off at a car rental place, so we could drive to Dallas for my son's installation. The rest of the group, who barely fit in the van, started east, spending the big in Lafayette, LA.

Overall, a great gathering. It took our group several days to solidify, and then it was almost over. We'll have to work more on that. San Antonio is a great city, but didn't seem quite big enough for an event of this proportion. Many of our group underestimated the amount of energy needed to last all week and do all the events. They were dragging!



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