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Reflecting on an installation


My son Adam was installed at his first church last Sunday afternoon. My wife, in-laws, youngest daughter and I travelled to Dallas to attend that service that would mark the beginning of his pastoral ministry. We were joined by a friend I went to elementary school with who lived nearby, a teacher who Adam had in middle school, and a number off pastors from his circuit.

Your first call, your first congregation, your first words of institution, your first absolution – lots of powerful firsts on the horizon for this young pastor. He is blessed to be the associate of a dynamic, energetic and faithful senior pastor who is very grateful for the help, gifts and ministry my son will bring. I remember how excited, motivated and terrified it was to be at that point. Terrified? Yes, for I was a sole pastor at my first church, and I didn't want to mess up.

I am so very thankful to have been there for his birth and baptism, and then did his confirmation, wedding and ordination. So many blessed moments along the way!


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