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Youth Gathering (on the road)

After a quick circle prayer, we nine youth and two adults loaded up ourselves and our stuff into our white 15-passenger van, and headed out…first to get money one person forgot, and then a forgotten phone. Then we got on the road.

Not a very exciting day, apart from a few heavy showers. We made it all the way to Tallahassee before our first stop. Very impressive.

We had plenty of snacks. Josh didn't stop eating from the time we left until we reached Lake City, about two hours down the road.


At our second stop, we observed an angry Asian man outside the Waffle House, not enjoying his cigarette at all.

We gained an hour, pulled into Holy Cross Lutheran Church where my friend Pastor Russ Gipson let us spend the night at his church. A quick supper at Panera and Subway, and then a little time to relax.




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