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Kenya (July 13: traveling to Kisii)

After a fair night's sleep, we had a pretty good breakfast at the mission center and headed down the road to Kisii. Some of the road was nicely paved. Other parts were mostly potholes. But we made it in about six hours other a stop for lunch.

Along the way we saw lots of cattle and sheep, gazelle, monkeys and baboons. Most were just siting there looking curiously at us as we stared at them and tried to take a few pictures.


Every few miles we came upon a town or village, and it struck me how similar each seemed to those in Haiti. When I asked Jacob it, he told me that Haiti is much more African than other Caribbean nations. One big difference is that Kenya grows a lot of its own food and has a much strong economy. But the roadside stands, brightly colored signs and interestingly constructed buildings in Kenya reminded me a lot of Haiti.

Supper tonight was some really tough-to-chew chicken, rice, French fries and veggies at the Bluu Nile Hotel where we'll be staying. We're all still a little tired, but looking forward to church tomorrow and then getting to work.


One thought on “Kenya (July 13: traveling to Kisii)

  1. Dear brethren in Christ, our hearts is spiritually touched with your encouragement reading from your website kindly please share more with us and help us with your teaching materials for they will help us in our fellowship here here in KENYA and win more souls to Christ Jesus we pray request you kindly if you have Bibles to send to us that Lord will lead you to come and share the word of God with us we hope that God bless us to share more in his kingdom and pray for the 8 orphans who worship with as . happy to read from you in Jesus name.. Yours pastor ontiri

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